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Africa House London Welcomes Kaduna State

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Africa House London are setting the pace for UK-Africa trade relations in advance of the 'Unlock Africa' summit to be held at the Houses of Parliament later this year.

This is the Kaduna State Government of Nigeria's first UK visit to Africa House London.

(Left to right). Emmanuel Finndoro-Obasi, Director of Business, Trade & Investment at AHL, Andrew Boff, Chairman AHL, Kaduna State Attorney General of Aisha Dikko, Chief Judge of Kaduna State Muhammadu Lawal Bello, Robert Hurley, Director Corporate Development AHL.

Attorney General of Kaduna State Aisha Dikko, and Chief Judge of Kaduna State Muhammadu Lawal Bello met with Africa House London to discuss trade and investment opportunities for the people of Kaduna State.



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