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“To encourage direct investment and trade with key markets in Africa and promote sustainable job creation opportunities, growth and long-term prosperity for Africa and UK businesses.”

Africa House London is the pre-eminent trade agency established in response to the growing need for accessibility to lucrative trade opportunities across the Middle East and African regions by the UK Government and corporations.

Against the backdrop of the government agenda, Africa House London plays an integral role in substantially increasing trade with Africa by leveraging the extensive links and expertise the UK can provide through bilateral trade. 

As the apex organisation responsible for increasing trade, commerce and inward investment between the UK, Middle East and Africa, Africa House is uniquely positioned to provide partners with the confidence to do business with each other and to provide effective commercial liaison with Governments to promote bilateral trade.

Africa House London identifies this as an opportunity to build investor confidence in the Middle East and African markets and support UK businesses to take advantage of the lucrative business and trade opportunities within the continent.


We aim to provide high-end professional business solutions to our clients and partners to add value to new and existing trade and business relationships.

The founding directors and the executive management board members have extensive experience in socio-economic activities in both the UK and Middle East and Africa with particular expertise in providing comprehensive management, project, events and business finance services to both small and large corporations across MEA and the UK including government agencies.

Africa House London will provide a platform for commercial brokering of trade advice and facilitation, through leadership and support services to UK entrepreneurs, SME’s and businesses wanting to trade with the private sector and government agencies across the Middle East and Africa.

We will also provide and facilitate support to Middle East and African led businesses in the UK and particularly in London to access trade opportunities within the continent of Africa and vice versa. In addition, Africa House will provide resources for community projects across the UK.

We aim to work with Strategic Partners, Governments and Government Agencies, to deliver a range of services to facilitate greater trading opportunities and stakeholder collaboration.

Our Vision & Core Values

These core values will underpin our overall modus operandi, as we strive to promote sustainable trade activities that aim to create long term wealth and opportunities within communities.

  • To maintain the professional standards of business conduct by using only legal and ethical means in all business activity

  • To maintain fair, equitable and respectful relationships with our partners, colleagues and other business associates

  • To observe the highest level of integrity when conducting business on behalf of Africa House London, representing the interest of the group over our own personal interest

  • To serve the public with selflessness, honesty, integrity and be accountable for how we carry out our responsibilities

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